We will bring our modems

Photo of social media workshop at Kenyatta University

Own laptops, own mobile modems

It has been stated several times that the most difficult part when it comes to foster any change is the change of mindsets. Technology, training, organization… all of these can come but the actual change will only take place when also mindsets have been transformed.

Our session on e-Research for e-Supervision was attended by +100 hundred people, ranging from supervisors and lecturers, directing staff and students. But a number does not always tell how the message has been received, or what motivations drove people to attend the conferences.

At the end of the session, the practical workshop for the next day was announced. Unlike the present conference, which, as said had allocated more than one hundred attendants, the workshop was planned to be followed by no more than a couple dozen people. When the audience learned about this restriction, the room came to an uproar.

Everyone wanted to attend the next workshop.

— Sorry — the Dean of the Graduate School said — but there is no room to hold everyone at the computing lab.

— So let’s change the venue — answered the attendants as a single voice.

— There would not be computers for everyone if we change venues — responded the Dean.

— Then we’ll bring our laptops.

— But there will not be enough bandwidth to feed everyone’s connections.

— We will bring our modems!

All changes need a change of mindset to happen, the energy and the will to change.

All of this seems to be already achieved at Kenyatta University. The minds of the people are already ahead: it is just a matter of time that the bodies catch up.

Photo of social media workshop at Kenyatta University

Social media workshop at Kenyatta University