The last day of our visit to KU coincided with the 34th Graduation Ceremony at Kenyatta University to which we were cordially invited. After a reception at the Vice-Chancellor’s office at seven o’clock in the morning, we were dressed in the beautiful KU gowns and participated in the procession to the Graduation Square. During five hours we could be testimonies of the interventions of university officials, the award of Honoris Causa to the Chief of Kenya Defence Forces, chanting and dancing from different assemblies of the music department as well as the conferring of the degrees to 2.679 graduates by name (2.013 undergraduates, 440 masters and 26 PhDs). The Ceremony ended with a beautiful luncheon at the Vice-Chancellor’s Lawn.

This Ceremony represented the beautiful end of a constructive and very interesting study visit here at KU in which we had not only the opportunity to learn more about the subjects related to our project, but also to get to know wonderful people who gifted us with immense hospitality throughout our visit.

Asanti sana na kwaheri ya kuonana

Family photo at the Graduation ceremony at Kenyatta University

Graduation ceremony at Kenyatta University